1994 was a great year for Japanese car manufacturing. Below you find examples that were produced in 1994 making them legal to import to the USA in 2019. Keep in mind, the manufacturing / production date is only an indicator of vehicle admissibility. For legal importation to the US, under the 25 year rule, the vehicle must have been first registered 25 years ago — to the month of initial registration. Check with your JDM importer / exporter to confirm.

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Best JDM Sports Cars

This list is in alphabetical order.

Best JDM Trucks

Some of the most reliable, turbo diesel powered 4X4s in the world were manufactured in Japan in 1994.

Best JDM Vans

Unlike the soccer mom vans produced for North America our friends in Asia and Europe had access to amazing turbo diesel powered 4×4 vans.

Featured image source: https://intransit.cc/