Nissan Silvia Q’s S13 1990 JDM 5-Speed Manual. IMMACULATE and ORIGINAL condition.

I am selling my beautiful and unique 1990 Nissan Silvia S13 Q’s JDM with, of course, a 5-speed manual transmission. Its incredibly original and clean condition (exterior and interior) will leave you amazed. A unique and rare find.

There is not another S13 Silvia as clean and original as this one in the market.

Its White and Gold Two-Tone exterior color and Power Sunroof are very rare to find in a Q’s.

It was imported directly from Japan to Miami in May 2023, in 100% original OEM condition, with no modifications, a truly clean slate. I have been the only owner in the USA.

By its clean and superb condition when it arrived, you could easily tell that it was kept in excellent care, and under a roof or garage. There are no cracks on the dashboard, the upholstery is impeccable, all the buttons on the dashboard and A/C have zero fade, everything works. Really amazing. Most probably it was owned by only one owner or one family in Japan.

Again, the car arrived with no modifications. I just made a few modifications that are easily reversible: I replaced the suspension for a firmer and lower suspension, I replaced wheels and tires, exhaust, and sound system. I kept the original wheels and tires, original suspension and original radio and will be delivering everything. I have pictures of the vehicle with those original parts, before replacing them.

There are no modifications on engine and transmission. Everything is 100% original.

Once the vehicle arrived, I performed a complete inspection and maintenance at a local specialized repair shop on everything that needed it. The engine is the CA18DE.

It runs and drives amazing, everything works. A/C works perfect, shifts are smooth and crisp, power windows, power exterior mirrors, power sunroof, lighting system, cluster, warning lights, wipers, etc.

It even has the dashboard bell that chimes when you reach 116km/h, found in JDM vehicles.

I have driven it to enjoy it, without taking it to the limit. I’ve put around 600 miles on it of pure joy, and with a few drives of 45 miles each way.

The Sound System consists of:

* Top-of-the-line Sony XAV-9000ES head-unit, released in September 2023, with Wireless Apple CarPlay. This is Sony’s audiophile flagship unit with ESS digital-to-analogue converter and premium components.

* Small and discrete DS18 5-Channel amplifier under the driver’s seat.

* Rockford Fosgate 6.5″ components (front and rear).

* 12″ Rockford Fosgate Subwoofer.

* No holes or cuts were made on the dashboard for the tweeters. They were installed using special double-sided tape that can be easily removed with no damages to the dashboard.

* All speaker grills are OEM, none were changed.

* Professionally installed.

It’s so clean that if the odomoter showed 10,000 miles, you would believe it.

The odometer shows 171,714 Km, equivalent to 107,321 miles.

Main features:

* Q’s trim

* Unique immaculate condition

* Almost 100% clean slate

* All services up to date

* Power windows

* Power sunroof

* Power exterior mirrors

* Power door locks

* Automatic A/C

* 5-Speed manual transmission

* Original CA18DE Twin Cam 16-valve engine

* Fabric upholstery

* Two keys

* Original Owner’s manual in japanese

* All original and OEM except sound system, exhaust, wheels and tires

Please take a look at the 25 pictures and video. If you want to look at more pictures or the pictures with OEM suspension, wheels and tires, please let me know.

I can arrange transport to anywhere in the USA or export (transport costs are not included in the price).

I can also arrange an inspection in a local specialized repair shop upon request.

Please contact me if you have any questions.