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At JDMbuysell.com, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information that are received and collected by JDMbuysell.com, and how they are used.

CRG Media Ltd. Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) shall apply to CRG Media Ltd. Including all of its subsidiaries and affiliates including, but not limited to, CRG Media LTD. dba “JDMBUYSELL” (collectively “CRG Companies”).

The CRG Companies values your personal information and commits to ensuring that your personal information is collected, used and disclosed only in accordance with this Policy and the requirements of the British Columbia Personal Information Protection Act (“PIPA”).

PIPA governs how CRG Companies may collect; use and disclose personal information about our users, employees, contractors and those with or from whom we provide or receive services.

“Personal Information” under this policy shall use the same definition as PIPA, which is the following:

  • information about an identifiable individual and includes employee personal information but does not include
    • (a)contact information, or
    • (b)work product information.

CRG Companies collects, retains and uses Personal Information for legitimate purposes only.

Personal Information is not shared with outside parties except to the extent necessary to manage our employment, commercial or marketing purposes.

In collecting, using and disclosing Personal Information, CRG Companies will abide by and be guided by the following:

  1. Accountability – The CRG Companies’ ROLE will oversee our legislative compliance under this Policy. The ROLE will be responsible for analyzing the handling practices and what personal information is collected and why; how it is collected; what it is being used for; how it being stored and secured; who has access to it; to whom it is being disclosed and for what purpose; and how it is being disposed of.
  2. Identifying the purpose of collection – While this Policy sets out the purposes for the collection of Personal Information by the CRG Companies, we will advise further as to why we are collecting any additional personal information and the purpose for such collection if and when such inquiries are made.
  3. Consent – With limited exceptions, the person to whom the Person Information relates must consent to its collection. As such, consent must be voluntarily given and the individual must be aware of why information is being collected. This Policy is intended to provide such awareness. However, if any further information is required into issues of collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information, please contact the CRG Companies’ ROLE;

Although consent must usually be express, it may be implied I some instances; such as when an individual applies for a position of employment or uses the services made available by or through CRG Companies’ products.

Under this Policy, consent from individuals is deemed to be provided when an individual:

  • a.         uses, accesses or conveys information to or via the products, portals or services made available by CRG Companies;
  • b.         applies for or accepts work and/or employment or an engagement with one or more of the CRG Companies;
  • c.         An individual provides Personal Information, or any other identifying or other data, information or particulars, to the CRG Companies; or
  • d.         Otherwise engages in, or signals an intent to engage in, business, commerce or other engagement with the CRG Companies;    

Furthermore, there are certain circumstances in which consent is not required, such as when information is publicly available, it is a medical emergency, or obtaining consent may compromise the availability or accuracy of the information which is relevant to an investigation of a breach of an agreement or a contravention of law.

4. Limited Collection – CRG Companies will only collect Personal Information or other information that is necessary for its stated purpose.  For example; in the course of conducting a credit check, an organization would not need to collect information related to an individual’s religious affiliation.

5. Limited use, disclosure and retention – information that was collected cannot be used for any purpose other than that which was stated or for which additional authorization is provided by the individual. If there is information required apart from that for which consent was given, new consent authorizing disclosure must be obtained. For example, information regarding dependents gathered for life insurance purposes cannot be transferred to a medical insurer for the purpose of obtaining medical coverage without obtaining a specific new consent.  There are certain circumstances in which additional consent may not be required; such as in an emergency; where information is publicly available.

6. Accuracy – All individuals are required to ensure that any Personal Information provided or made available to CRG Companies is complete and accurate. If use or disclosure of out-of-date or incomplete information would harm the individual, CRG Companies will make best efforts to ensure that the information is accurate and current.

7. Providing safeguards – CRG Companies will protect Personal Information against theft, loss or unauthorized access.  For example, written, hard copy Personal Information will be kept in locked drawers with keys accessible only to those who need access.

8. Transparency – This Policy and procedures that flow from it will be readily available to customers, clients, users, employees, contractors and suppliers of CRG Companies.

9. Individual access – Subject to specified exceptions, CRG Companies will provide individuals with details about the Personal Information being held about them by CRG Companies and a means to gain access to it upon request. There are exceptions to what an individual should have access to but if there is Personal Information in a CRG Company file that contains Personal Information about another individual, any and all third-party identifiers should be removed prior to viewing. Also, if Personal Information is collected or gained as part of an investigation into a breach of an agreement or law, or information was generated in the course of a formal dispute resolution process, such information may and should be removed by CRG Companies and not disclosed. Where access to Personal Information is denied by CRG Companies, we will provide an explanation as to the basis for such denial.

10 – Complaints and Concerns – CRG Companies values your trust and your Personal Information. In the event of a concern of complaint in regard to your Personal Information or our legislative compliance, please direct the same to ROLE at EMAIL. Furthermore, concerns about compliance with PIPA may be directed to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia.

All employees are expected to follow the terms of this Policy as terms of their employment. Violations of this Policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal for just cause.

CRG Media Ltd. Terms and Conditions of Use

These Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms”) shall apply to CRG Media Ltd. Including all of its subsidiaries and affiliates including, but not limited to, CRG Media LTD. dba “JDMBUYSELL” (collectively “CRG Companies”).

For these Terms, you shall include yourself, and any company, organization, person or any other legal entity you are representing.

Terms of Use

These Terms govern your use, access and viewing of the website www.jdmbuysell.com (the “Site”) and any related or other services provided by the CRG Companies.

By accessing, viewing and/or using the Site (collectively “Use” of the Site or “Using” the Site), you agree to and accept these Terms as a legally binding agreement between you and the CRG Companies.

If you are agreeing to and accepting these Terms on behalf of any entity or person, you hereby agree that you are doing so as their authorized representative.

If you do not wish to agree to and accept these Terms as a legally binding agreement between you and CRG Companies, or you do not have the authority to act as an authorized representative of another individual or entity for whom you are accessing, using or viewing the Site, then you must leave the Site immediately.

If you are under the age of 19-years old, you are not to access the Site and must leave the Site immediately.

Review and Changes

We reserve the right to review, amend and rescind all or part of these Terms in our sole and absolute discretion at any time and any such amendments, changes or the like shall take effect immediately upon the date of publication.

Privacy Policy Deemed To Be Included

These Terms and our CRG Companies Privacy Policy contain important information about your rights and obligations in Using the Site as well as the rights, obligations, and limitations of CRG Companies.

The terms of the CRG Companies Privacy Policy are deemed to be incorporated into these Terms and form part of the legally binding agreement between you and CRG Companies.

Limitations of Use

By Using the Site, you warrant on your behalf and that of anyone or anything you are representing, that you will not:

  • Change, modify, copy, prepare derivative works of, deconstruct, or reverse engineer any materials, software, function or any aspect of components of, nor any software accessed through, the Site (the “Materials”);
  • Use, copy, change or remove any copyright or other proprietary signs, marks or notations on or relating to the Materials;
  • Transfer any Materials, or any parts of Materials, from the Site to another person, place or entity, nor duplicate in any way the Materials;
  • Use the Site in any way that harms, abuses or disrupts CRG Companies, its business, networks or services or the Site;
  • Use the Site or an aspect of it to transmit, publish or in any way communicate or convey any harassing, indecent, obscene, fraudulent, or unlawful information or material;
  • Use the Site in violation of any applicable laws or regulations;
  • Use the Site for any unintended way, nor in any way to advertise or spam CRG Companies or any third party;
  • Copy, collect, reproduce, duplicate or gather user data from the Site without any user’s explicit consent; or
  • Use the Site in any way that does or may infringe upon the privacy, intellectual property rights, or other rights of third parties.

You shall be, at all times, solely responsible for any breach of the provisions of these Terms by yourself and anyone or entity whom you have authorized to use the Site.

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property in or related to the Site or the Materials is owned by, provided or licensed to CRG Companies and is protected by copyright, trade-secret, trademark, or other applicable law. CRG Companies only grants permission to you and your authorized users to access and use the Site and Materials for personal or authorized business use only, and for no other purpose or use.

This permission constitutes the grant of a license which cannot be sub-licensed by you or your authorized users and is entire revocable at any time in the sole and absolute discretion of CRG Companies. Further, this license is not a transfer of any right, title, or interest in any intellectual or other property. This license shall automatically terminate if you violate any of the above limitations of use or any other provision of these Terms, and this license otherwise may be terminated by CRG Companies at any time for any reason.


“Data” shall mean and include any data, including raw data and information, that you provide via, upload or submit to, or share via the Site, as well as the processed result of the same.

You hereby grant CRG Companies the absolutely, unrestricted, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, sublicensable license to collect, use, access, transmit, host, store, and display any Data for the purpose of providing and improving the Site and CRG Companies’ products or services or (or those of its sublicensees), and CRG Companies may exercise such license for, among others, the purposes of providing, maintaining, repairing, administering, and improving the Site and any CRG Companies business offerings or potential offers, including the development of  new products or services, and shall include the right to compile, extract, compile, analyze, aggregate, synthesize, use and disclose all or any portion of the Data for such purposes.

You represent, warrant, and agree that the Data and other materials you provide or make available to CRG Companies will include only such information which is relevant to the Site and its Use, and will not include any personally identifiable information or any protected health data.

You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for all Data you upload or submit using the Site and for your conduct while using the Site.

You acknowledge and agree that:

  • You will and shall be solely responsible to, evaluate and bear all risks associated with the disclosure and use of any Data;
  • You are solely responsible for protecting and backing up any and all Data;
  • You are solely responsible for protecting the confidentiality of any Data;
  • Under no circumstances will CRG Companies be liable in any way for any Data or your use of the Site including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any Data, Site functionality or feature, nor any loss or damages or any kind incurred as a result of your access to, use, deletion, modification, or correction of any Data or the Site.
  • CRG Companies has no responsibility to store, protect, remove, or delete any Data for you except as may be specifically and explicitly set out in a contract with or under these Terms; and
  • CRG Companies shall have no liability to you whatsoever for the deletion of or failure of the Store nor to store any Data.


The Site, Materials and services are provided by CRG Companies on an “as is” basis.

To the extent permitted by law, CRG Companies makes no assurances, guarantees or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, and hereby disclaims and excludes all other representations, assurances or warranties including, without limitation, implied representations, warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement of intellectual property or any other rights.

In no event shall CRG Companies or its affiliates, agents or suppliers be liable for any Consequential Damages (as defined below) which may or are suffered or incurred by you or any third party arising from your or their use or inability to Use the Site or the Materials, even if CRG Companies or one of its authorized representative has been notified, orally or in writing, of the possibility of same.

“Consequential Damages” means any indirect or consequential damages, real or anticipated loss of profit, loss of benefit, loss of revenue, loss of business, loss of goodwill, loss of opportunity, loss of savings, loss of reputation, loss of use, loss or corruption of data or aggravated or punitive damages, howsoever arising whether arising under statute, contract, equity, tort (including negligence), indemnity or otherwise.

Accuracy of Materials

The Materials are not comprehensive or complete, and they are for general information purposes only. CRG Companies does not warrant or make any representations concerning the accuracy, completeness likely results, or reliability of access to and use of the Materials or the Site, nor any website or features linked or connected to the Site.

CRG Companies is not in any way responsible for the content of any websites or features linked to or otherwise accessed through the Site, nor for any consequences of the Use by you or any third party of the Site or any linked websites or features. The linking of any website or features to the Site does not constitute and shall not imply endorsement, approval, or control by CRG Companies of the same. Use of any such linked website or feature is in your sole and absolute discretion and is at your own risk – we strongly advise you to make careful, cautious and diligent inquiries into any linked website or feature before using or access the same.

Right to Terminate

CRG Companies has the absolute and sole right to block, bar, curtail, restrict, suspend or terminate your right to Use the Site immediately upon written notice to you in the event of any breach by you of these Terms.


Any part, provision or term of these Terms which is deemed void, invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part shall be deemed to be severed from these Terms to the extent of the same, and the validity and enforceability of the remainder of such provision and of all other provisions in these Terms shall remain in full force and effect.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Service are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of British Columbia, Canada, and you agree to irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of British Columbia sitting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada regarding these Terms and/or your use of the Site, and any issues related to or arising therefrom.