JDM Cars
Will JDM Car Prices Ever Go Down?

As of November 2022, there has been historic inflation in JDM car prices in the last three years. However, interest rates are rising and prices appear to be decreasing Is that the case? JDM cars, especially those from the late 1980s and early 1990s, are some of the most imported cars to the United States…

JDM Export Statistics
Interesting JDM Importing Statistics

Japanese Domestic Model (JDM) cars have been making waves in the global auto market. The United States (US) is among the leading destinations of exported JDMs from Japan. Usually, JDMs are acquired either due to their good quality, classic appeal, or for collection purposes.  Apart from these reasons, other factors steer car buyers and enthusiasts to…

JDM Drift Car R32 Nissan Skyline RWD
10 Best JDM Drift Cars

Drifting, one of the most popular motorsports worldwide has roots deep in Japan’s snowy, windy Gifu mountain roads. Drivers would “slide” through the windy roads instead of braking and cornering. With time the Japanese authorities discovered this and would declare the self-proclaimed sport illegal. The sport also gained fans who positioned themselves on the curves,…

R34 Nissan Skyline
24 Cheap JDM Cars For Sale under $10,000

A lot of JDM cars appear to be increasing in value these days due to surging demand for Japanese classics and a weakening US dollar. However, many deals are still available to be had and some JDM cars for sale right now are downright cheap! We’ve curated a list of the top 24 cheap JDM…

Best JDM Vans for Vanlife & Camper Conversions

If you’ve noticed lately, the vanlife movement has really taken off. This is in part to the #vanlife hashtag on Instagram and other social media platforms that have brought this lifestyle so popular. Couple that with the current status of the world and more people are choosing to live and travel in vans full time….

How To Read Japanese Auction Sheets

An auction sheet is an important document containing all information regarding the car’s history from when it rolled out from the manufacturing plant through registration and use. An independent authority provides an auction sheet before a car is listed at an auction.  However, not all JDM cars have auction sheets. Auction sheets are made only…

R32 Nissan Skyline
R32 Nissan Skyline

The Nissan Skyline R32 was introduced during the final stage of the R31 production back in 1989. It was produced when motor vehicle companies in Japan were making full financial recoveries and doing well enough to compete in races. They introduced the E-BNR32 chassis for Nissan, designed for a more competitive racing vehicle that was…

Kei Trucks: Are They Here to Stay?

Ever wondered why there has been a sudden increase in small, right–hand drive mini-trucks entering the market? The Japanese mini-truck or Keitora “Kei” truck, typically referred to in Japan, is a small yet practical truck that has been around since the 1940s. Their uniqueness, versatility, and personality have made these small trucks popular with many JDM enthusiasts….