Welcome to the JDMBUYSELL Buying Guide. Our aim is to make your JDM car buying process smooth and successful. Here’s a step-by-step guide to assist you in securing the perfect JDM car for you.

How does it work?

JDMBUYSELL connects buyers & sellers to work together. We are not involved in the transaction.

You work directly with the buyer to negotiate the purchase. As such, it is entirely your responsibility to ensure the seller you are dealing with, and the vehicle you are inquiring about, are free of risk and meet your expectations.

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Step 1: Understand Your Local JDM Import Laws

Before starting your search, familiarize yourself with the JDM import laws in your local area. Each region may have different regulations concerning the import of JDM vehicles. For more information, check out our article on how to import a car from Japan.

Step 2: Research Available JDM Makes & Models

The Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) offers a wide array of vehicles that were never available in North America. While Nissan Skylines and turbo diesel Land Cruisers are popular, there are many other JDM vehicles that might better fit your needs and budget. Visit our JDM Car WIKI and collection of JDM car buying guides for a comprehensive overview. For further reference, check out our guides on cheap JDM cars for sale and the best JDM cars to import to the USA.

Step 3: Browse JDM Cars for Sale

Start exploring your options by browsing through our extensive list of JDM cars for sale. You can easily navigate through our catalog by utilizing filters for make, model, year, price, and more, allowing you to narrow down your options based on your preferences and needs. Each listing provides detailed information about the car, including its history, condition, and specifications, offering a transparent and comprehensive overview.

Step 4: Contact the Seller

For further inquiries or to express your interest in a vehicle, get in touch with the seller directly through our platform. Click the “Contact Ad Owner” button on the specific listing you are interested in.

Step 5: Arrange for an Inspection or Test Drive

Arrange for a 3rd party pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle. If possible, arrange for a test drive. Buying a car sight unseen is not recommended.

  • If the vehicle is being sold within your country, invest the money to fly to the seller and confirm the condition of the vehicle in person.
  • If the vehicle is being exported from Japan and travel is not viable, work with a trusted 3rd party to have an inspection performed prior to purchase.
  • Most JDM Exporters can arrange a pre-purchase, in-person inspection on your behalf.
  • Alternatively, work with a local JDM Importer to facilitate the entire inspection, purchase and importation for you.

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Step 6: Negotiate and Agree on a Price

Once you’re satisfied with the vehicle’s condition, discuss the price, shipping and payment terms with the seller. When you both agree, you can proceed with the transaction.

Step 7: Research the Seller

Before proceeding with any potential purchase, it’s essential to research the seller thoroughly. This step is crucial for ensuring a safe and reliable transaction. Look at the seller’s history and reputation on our platform and throughout the internet. Learn more about Reviews on JDMBUYSELL.

We recommend checking out the Facebook Group “I Got Screwed By Shady JDM Importers“. Review any feedback or reviews left by previous buyers to get an idea of their experiences. Positive testimonials can help build trust, while negative reviews can serve as red flags.

Ask the seller questions about the car’s history and their own knowledge of JDM vehicles. A reputable seller will be transparent and willing to share all the necessary information with you.

Remember, our support team is always here to provide help in your buying journey. If you encounter any issues or have concerns about a seller, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priority.

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Step 8: Complete the Transaction

Set up a secure payment method like Escrow that is agreeable to both parties. Ensure you receive all essential documentation, including ownership papers and service history. Coordinate with the seller to determine the best method for delivering the vehicle. JDMBUYSELL can provide guidance on shipping options if needed.

Kuaay streamlines the used car buying process by providing all parties with digital documents, buyer & seller verification, secure fund transfers, and convenient door-to-door delivery at competitive rates.

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Remember, our dedicated support team is here to assist you at every step of your buying journey. If you have any questions or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Enjoy your buying journey!

Avoiding Getting Scammed

Follow Craigslist’s recommendations, “Deal locally, face-to-face —follow this one rule and avoid 99% of scam attempts.”

While purchasing a JDM vehicle locally in your home country may cost more than exporting a JDM car yourself, the ability to inspect and drive the vehicle in advance has significant value. You can significantly mitigate risk by dealing in person.

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JDMBUYSELL serves as a platform for connecting buyers and sellers of JDM vehicles, functioning similarly to marketplaces like Craigslist or Kijiji. JDMBUYSELL is not involved in the purchase process or transaction; the individual buyer and seller are responsible for the sale and are encouraged to use precautionary measures, such as Escrow services, to mitigate risks. 

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