When you’re looking at importing a car from Japan or buying a JDM car locally the companies you chose to deal with will make all the difference. There are no barriers to entry in used car sales; anyone can become a “dealer” overnight. They can just as quickly go out of business overnight. To help you make the best decisions we’ve compiled a list of all the JDM Importers and Exporters.

JDM Importers, Exporters & Dealers


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Country Dealer State/Province Founded Type Rating
United Kingdom All Japanese Motors England 2013 Importer
Canada Amazing Auto Imports Ltd. (View Listings) British Columbia 2008 Importer
Japan Autobell Co., Ltd. (View Listings) Shizuoka 2020 Exporter
Japan B-Pro Auto JDM Imports (View Listings) Aichi 2011 Importer
Japan Be Forward Co. Ltd. Tokyo Prefecture 2005 Exporter
United Kingdom BHP Imports UK England 2015 Importer
Canada Bonsai Rides (View Listings) Ontario 2009 Importer
Japan Brave Auto International Ltd. Aichi 2004 Exporter
Japan Bulldog Bros Trading (View Listings) Tokyo Prefecture 2009 Exporter
Japan Car From Japan Co. Ltd. Tokyo Prefecture 2014 Exporter
Japan Carused.jp carpaydiem (View Listings) Tokyo Prefecture 2010 Exporter
United Kingdom Daisuki JDM Limited England 2019 Importer
United States Dalton Pike Motors LLC. (View Listings) Tennessee 2020 Importer
Australia Down Under Auto Services WA 2002 Importer
United States Drag International Florida 2014 Importer
United States Driver Motorsports (View Listings) Virginia 2012 Importer
United States Duncan Imports & Classic Cars (View Listings) Virginia 2010 Importer
Australia Edward Lees Imports NSW 2012 Importer
Japan Elite Auto Expert Japan Chiba 2010 Exporter
United States Elusive Auto Company Pennsylvania 2017 Importer
Japan exportcar.jp Tokyo Prefecture 2009 Exporter
United States Fed Legal Imports (View Listings) Florida 2016 Importer
Japan Garage Defend (View Listings) Aichi 2017 Exporter
Japan Winmans Group (View Listings) Tokyo Prefecture 2000 Exporter
Japan Goo Net Aichi 1999 Exporter
Japan IBC Japan Ltd Kyōto 2019 Exporter
United States iCAR- STL (View Listings) Missouri 2018 Importer
United States Toprank International Vehicle Importers (View Listings) California 2011 Importer
Australia Import Monster VIC 2007 Importer
Japan Integrity Exports Co Ltd Osaka 2010 Exporter
Australia Iron Chef Imports South Australia 2016 Importer
Australia J-Spec Imports Victoria 2001 Importer
Australia J-Spec Imports (Inactive) Victoria 2005 Exporter
Japan Japan Partner Inc. Aichi 2001 Exporter
Japan Japan Car Direct LLC Chiba 2006 Exporter
United States Japan Direct Motors (View Listings) South Carolina 2015 Importer
United States Japanese Classics LLC (View Listings) Virginia 2013 Importer
United Kingdom DCY Europe England 2004 Importer
Japan Japanese Used Cars JDM Tokyo Prefecture 1998 Exporter
United Kingdom Jap Cars England 2002 Importer
United Kingdom JDM Garage UK England 2003 Importer
United States JapStar Imports (View Listings) New Jersey 2013 Importer
Japan JDM Expo Co. Ltd. (View Listings) Aichi 2014 Exporter
Canada JDM Advance Motor Imports (View Listings) Quebec 2007 Importer
United States JDM Auto Imports LLC (View Listings) Wisconsin 2014 Importer
United States JDM Car & Motorcycle LLC. (View Listings) Washington 2016 Importer
Canada JDM Import Ltd. British Columbia 2014 Importer
Canada JDM Connection Alberta 2005 Importer
United States JDM Legends LLC (View Listings) Utah 2008 Importer
United States JDMOFFROAD Washington 2020 Importer
United States JDM Sport Classics (View Listings) Michigan 2019 Importer
Canada JDM Tuners Inc (View Listings) Alberta 2006 Importer
United Kingdom JM-Imports England 2005 Importer
United States J-Spec Auto (View Listings) Virginia 2009 Importer
Japan King-Buyer Urayasu Store Chiba 2000 Exporter
United States Kuruma Imports, LLC (View Listings) Florida 2015 Importer
Australia LIB Australia NSW 2018 Importer
Japan Mawar International Traders Co. Ltd Aichi 2008 Exporter
Canada Maximum Overdrive (Inactive) British Columbia 2004 Importer
Japan Monky's Inc Osaka 2002 Exporter
United States Montu Motors LLC (View Listings) Florida 2014 Importer
Australia Motorman Imports QLD 2003 Importer
Japan Nikkyo Co. Ltd. Tokyo Prefecture 2006 Exporter
Japan Nippon Autos Ltd. Hyōgo 2001 Exporter
Japan Pacific Coast Auto Kanagawa 2008 Exporter
United States Rare Garage Auto (View Listings) Washington 2016 Importer
Australia Raw Performance Imports Vic 2014 Importer
United States RHD Specialties LLC (View Listings) Washington 2015 Importer
Canada Right Drive Inc. (View Listings) Ontario 2007 Importer
South Africa Rosa Imports Durban 2016 Importer
Canada Rising Sun Auto Import British Columbia 2009 Importer
United States SCW Performance (View Listings) Texas 2008 Importer
Japan Sayuri International Co Ltd Chiba 1999 Exporter
Canada Silk Road Autos (Inactive) British Columbia 2006 Importer
United Kingdom South West Imports England 2003 Importer
Canada terra2imports.ca (Inactive) British Columbia 2004 Importer
United States The Import Guys (View Listings) Washington 2017 Importer
United Kingdom Torque GT Ltd England 2006 Importer
Japan tradecarview.com Tokyo Prefecture 1996 Exporter
Japan TS Export Hyōgo 2006 Exporter
Canada Tyee Imports (Inactive) British Columbia 2004 Importer
United States Vanlife Northwest (View Listings) Oregon 2016 Importer
Canada Vancouver Velocity Cars British Columbia 2014 Importer
Netherlands victoriacc.nl (View Listings) Zuid-Holland 2014 Importer
United States Wolfreign Motors (View Listings) California 2012 Importer
Canada Zen Autoworks Canada Alberta 2007 Importer

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