JDM Import Calculators

Our calculator will help you determine the cost of importing a car from Japan to the USA.

These cost estimating calculators are designed to give an approximation of cost. Please speak with your JDM importer, exporter, or vehicle seller regarding finalized costs.

What next?


Are there any hidden fees?

Although some prices may seem very cheap at first there are several factors to consider before making a purchase. The initial price is what the vehicle itself is valued at, take it as a baseline, because there will be several fees on top of the base price after driving the price up a bit. Such as exporting fees, port fees, taxes, insurance, bank fees.

Although, If the car you are interested in is already in your state/province then you will end up saving a bit of money on the fees.

In short terms, there will be a commission fee, shipping fee, agent fee, and taxes/duties

You can cut out the agent fee and save money, but it will be a headache to complete all the documents and paperwork yourself.

Shipping methods

Depending on your budget there’s more than one way to get your car shipped. Prices fluctuate anywhere from $1,500 to all the way $5,000. The most cost-effective option is to get it shipped in a shared container space with other vehicles. But if cost is no concern, and want the safest option, go for roll-on roll-off shipping if you can get it.

What to look out for

Before going to pick up your vehicle make sure to bring a jumper kit with you as it’s standard practice to drain the vehicle’s battery before shipping for safety reasons.

One thing that gets overlooked is tires, make sure you get new tires on the vehicles as soon as possible as they most likely have passed their safety period and are not safe. They may look fine but could blow out at any point.

Make sure that nothing was damaged during shipping. Take pictures and video to document the condition of the vehicle as you received it.