Subaru Impreza

$7,300 USD Estimated


JDM Exporter founded in 2000 and headquartered in Japan.








Year: 1997
Mileage: 140,000 K
Inspection: inspection with maintenance
Repair history: Yes
Recycling fee: Li spent another 9670 yen
At the time of maintenance car delivery cost: Please contact us
Before the user of the inspection and maintenance record book: Please contact us
Before the user of the application: private cars
Warranty: Please contact us
Scheduled maintenance: Please contact us
Modification / tuning content: HDD Navi one-segment TV ETC STI muffler
Exterior Color: White
Model: E-GC8
Grade: WRX STI version ?
Seating capacity: 5
Exhaust amount: 2000cc
Handle: right
Body type: Sedan
Fuel: Gasoline
Shift: 5MT
Drive system: 4WD
Equipment specification
HDD navigation digital terrestrial TV CD car navigation systems
Air conditioning, power steering, power windows, ABS, aluminum wheels, ETC
We contact you for coming to the store reservation from Kasensa NET, it is to customers who gotten contracts concluded gift our original sterilization deodorant plan! Tobacco, pet, using the ozone generator in order to eliminate the smell to become the vehicle of the gas, such as mold, strong and disinfecting deodorizing, Note and deodorant using chlorine dioxide disinfection deodorant seal off SEAL OFF To do.



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