Honda Odyssey

$7,800 USD Estimated








Year: 2005
Mileage: 64,000 K
Inspection: inspection with maintenance
Repair history: No
Recycling fee: 14000
At the time of maintenance car delivery cost: Please contact us
Before the user of the inspection and maintenance record book: Please contact us
Before the user of the application:
Warranty: Please contact us
Scheduled maintenance: Please contact us
Modification / tuning content: air suspension official recognition already bamboo Rose wide-body certified pre-air cleaner HKS muffler Cusco arm Jioban’na Dollar 20 inches AW
Exterior Color: White
Model: ABA-RB1
Grade: Absolut
Seating capacity:
Exhaust amount: 2400cc
Handle: right
Body type: Hatchback
Fuel: Gasoline
Shift: AT
Drive system: 2WD
Equipment specification
CD car navigation systems
Air conditioning, power steering, power windows, ABS, driver’s seat air bag, the front passenger seat air bag
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