1989 Nissan Fairlady Z Coupe

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Stock Number: 4406
The Nissan Fairlady Z Twin Turbo is an iconic classic Japanese muscle car. This particular example is exceptionally unique. While the body looks relatively stock it has quite a few subtle changes to give it an OEM+ look. The 99+ spec bumper and tail lights are a great upgrade and really give the car a more modern appearance. The front bumper is in great shape, however, there are a few scratches to the underside due to the low nature of it. Overall there are no spiderwebbing or notable chips to worry about though. The classic Charcoal Pearl Metallic (KH2) is in overall good condition. There is some fading on the rear hatch but it’s been spared from any clear coat peeling or severe issues like that. The same can be said about the typical stone chips and routine issues that crop up with any 31 year old car. The long body panels are in above average condition with only a few typical little door dings. Many will catch the next generation 17″ 350Z wheels wrapped in fresh rubber which offers a bit more meat than what originally came on the car and help with that OEM+ vibe. Outback the twin exit Total exhaust looks very similar to stock but with simply larger polished tips. However, hiding underneath the car is a single downturn dump hooked to an electric cutout for when you really want to let the VG30DETT be heard. The exhaust is fantastic as its such a stealthy setup you can really surprise people with it. Unlike most of the 300ZX’s found stateside this particular one is a fixed-roof coupe vs. the more common T-Tops. By getting rid of all that glass at the highest point in the car aids to lower the center of gravity, living up to the reputation of one of the best driver’s cars. One thing to note in the photos, you’ll see that the windshield is currently cracked. We are having a new windshield installed, it simply hadn’t been done prior to the photos.
Unlike many of the Z32’s we bring over, this one is the proper 2 seat sports coupe. However, only one of those seats came originally fitted in our coupe. The driver’s side has been replaced with a far more supportive Recaro Confetti which offers up loads more bolstering than the stock one does. Overall the seat is in great shape, free of the common bolster tears but it does have some degradation to the padding from getting in and out over the years. The factory passenger seat is in good shape with only a little bit of discoloration to the seat base. The original steering wheel and shift knob were also replaced with a bit sportier Sprint wheel and billet knob. Peering behind that Sprint wheel is an upgraded 300 KM/H speedometer which is why the 64K miles the odometer reads could not be verified. The dash itself is in very good condition showing no major sun damage, fading, or cracks which can be an issue with these. Since these were luxury coupes of the time so they did get all of the typical power accessories which are functioning as they should.
Under the hood is the infamous VG30DETT (3.0 V6 Twin Turbo) that made this car so famous. Mated to a proper 3 pedal, 5 speed makes it an absolute blast to throw around. With a twist of the key, the big 6 cylinder jolts to life. Acceleration is excellent and in boost, you’ll get pinned to the back of the seat. Largely due to the fact this is one of the more built Z’s we’ve seen in a long time. Right off the bat, the HKS GT2530 turbos are a giant leap over the stock snails. On startup, you’ll notice the aggressive lope at idle due to the Jun Auto cams. With all the added air upgraded injectors were fitted (however we don’t know the CC) along with a Sard fuel pressure regulator and controlled via an HKS Fcon ECU. Obviously cooling needed to be upgraded to match so dual Greddy side mounts and Trust oil cooler are tucked in behind the front bumper. Also hiding back there are massive Greddy blow off valves and HKS open intake. The 5-speed manual transmission shifts well and the upgraded clutch holds the power well and shows no signs of slipping. With all the added power the brakes and suspension needed to be improved upon as well. Racing Gear JTC N1 coilovers and Brembo brakes sit on all four corners. The overall combination of parts makes for one serious performer. While there’s no end to what can be done to the 300ZX, this car really has checked all of the key boxes. For those after a proper sports coupe, there’s really no better option than the Z32.