Year: 2003 / H15
Mileage: 71,000K
Vehicle inspection: October 2013
Body color: Silver
Exhaust: 3500
Body Type: Minivan / 1BOX
No repair history
Mission: CAT
Handle: right
Fuel: Gasonline / Petrol
Drive system: 2WD
Recycling category: Re-included
Lower chassis number 3 digits: 088
Specs: Air Conditioner Power Steering Power Wind Keyless Aluminum Wheel ABS Driver’s Seat Airbag Passenger’s Seat Airbag ESC DVD Navi Aero Low Down Dress Up External Aluminum
Comment: Family custom 1BOX came in with a trade-in vehicle! It is a car that can be crowded with a large number of people with 8 people. Very active during holidays and vacations! This custom specification is an exceptionally cheap vehicle.
HP category: 4WD / 1BOX
Muffler: Outside
Suspension (F): Outside
Suspension (R): Outside
Wheel (F): Outside 20 inch plating
Wheel (R): Outside 20 inch plating
Shift knob: Outside Crystal glitter
Front spoiler: Outside
Side step: Outside
Rear bumper spoiler: Outside