A very clean 1998 Smart Escape Honda CRV in pearl white, ideal for RSMC postal delivery. This one is all wheel drive, column shift automatic, alloy wheels, 51000km, monsoon guards over all four power windows, spare tire cover, power fold in mirrors and over eighty cubic feet of inner cargo space.
If you are looking for a seamless transition into a Right Hand Drive vehicle for your mail route, contact Bonsai Rides! We have a number of RHD vehicles in inventory, and fresh arrivals monthly.
This 1998 Honda CRV is due to arrive in Ontario at the end of the month. On arrival, all of our RSMC suitable inventory vehicles receive new tires (your choice of all-season or winters), new stereo (Japanese decks don’t pick up radio in Canada), new brakes, fluids, oil spray, detailing and of course full HTA, Emissions and Ontario safety compliance. Our listed price is All-In. As well, we will help you source insurance and include a free insurance appraisal.