The Nissan Silvia is one of the best (if not THE best) affordable sports car Nissan ever built. Getting behind the wheel it’s easy to see why these cars have become so popular. They will give modern day cars a run for their money when it comes to driving experience. This 1993 example has just 113k original miles and looks fantastic with excellent quality modifications. The exterior is Nissan’s Super Black (KH3) and is a deep black with no metallic. The paint is in very nice condition and shows very well. The body has been upgraded with an Orgin front bumper, First Molding Side Skirts, OEM aero rear spats, and a GTR style grille. All of which come together nicely to create an updated and aggressive style. The white 17″ Kei Office wheels contrast beautifully against the black exterior and look very period correct on this Silvia.
Moving inside you will find more enthusiast modifications including a Nardi leather steering wheel, OEM GTR drivers seat, and a period correct Blitz Boost Guage. The interior overall has been well kept, although there are some imperfections. The door panels are in excellent condition and have no rips or cuts. The dash does have quite a few cracks in it, which is unfortunately common among S13’s. The GTR drivers seat is very clean but the bolster shows some wear and has some visible tears in the fabric. All of the interior panels are intact and clean including the trunk panels which aside from some staining on the carpet are all very clean.
The heart of this S13 Silvia K’s is the infamous SR20DET. This potent 2.0l turbocharged engine starts and idles properly and acceleration feel great. It is running stock boost (7psi) and does not look to have ever had a boost controller installed. The 5 speed manual transmission shifts well and the clutch does not slip. A HKS catback exhaust and HKS downpipe have been installed along with a HKS intake which not only increases power but increases the overall driving experience. An aftermarket differential has also been installed allowing for better grip and control while driving. Finally a set of Cusco coilovers give this Silvia a beautiful stance and keeps the car planted during spirited driving. Overall one super fun car that drives as good as it looks!