The Nissan Skyline GTS25 is a unique car that is difficult to find. This 1992 example is in excellent condition and very clean. With excellent upgrades to the exterior like the OEM Type M aero and Buddy Club P1 wheels it’s hard not to love the look of this R32. The exterior is finished in Nissan’s Diamond Black Pearl (732) and has been well maintained throughout the years and shows no significant damage. The hood has a few very small rock chips, but otherwise it’s hard to find fault with the beautiful exterior.
The interior remains very clean and well kept, well above average for a R32. The door panels are extremely nice and have no rips or cuts and the fabric inserts are in great condition. The steering wheel looks nearly new with very minimal wear. The dash in also in very good condition but does have the typical bubble so common among R32’s, however it is small. The seats are in excellent condition with only minor wear and no rips or major stains. All of the interior panels are intact and in great shape. The interior on this terrific R32 has been left completely stock and unmodified.
Equipped with the potent RB25DE the GTS25 was rated at 185hp from the factory. This example has has a few upgrades to increase this number including a very rare set of FGK headers along with with Fujitsubo catback exhaust system. Both of these upgrades add additional horsepower while keeping the exhaust note very quiet. The RB25DE engine starts quickly, idles well, and acceleration is immediate with no waiting for a turbo to spool. The 5 speed transmission shifts smoothly without issues and the clutch shows no signs of slipping. A set of KBee coilovers have been added to give the GTS25 a lower stance and improve handling. A Nismo gauge cluster has also been installed so the mileage could not be verified on this car.