No doubt about it, we’re pleased to have this is a one of a kind S13. What makes it so great are the subtle changes that set it apart while looking factory. The exterior remains mostly factory on this 1992 and has been well maintained over it’s 92K mile life. The two tone yellowish silver (1K5) is one of the most notable parts of the car as the color is particularly hard to find. The paint itself has a great luster that really pops in the sunlight. The paint does have some imperfections which are to be expected with it’s age. The body has been generally well maintained but does have have some blemishes on the bumpers as well as some standard door dings. The driver side front and passenger rear wheel arch looks like it’s had some corrective work done to it. Everything looks clean but it was something that we noted. Two of the subtle changes made are a set of clear corner lights and smoked tails. Both really freshen up the look of things without taking away from the factory appeal. The stock 15’s have been replaced with an awesome set of 16″ Enkei Peaks Racing wheels which look great.
The interior has some really choice upgrades. Most notable, the S15 Type R seats are a fantastic upgrade. They still give the factory Nissan vibe while giving considerably more support. The seats and carpets are both free of any rips or tears. The driver’s seat is in excellent shape while the passenger does have some staining, but no discoloration. The second really nice touch (no pun intended) is the Alcantara wrapped dash, center console, and door inserts. The S13 is notoriously prone to dash cracks so this is an excellent way to bypass that while adding a more upscale look to things. All of the coverings were very well done and looks as if it were a factory option. The driver side door insert is slightly separating along the top right corner which should be an easy correction. The steering wheel has been upgraded to a timeless Nardi 3 spoke which is in great shape. The Q’s came with all the creature comforts that are still functioning as they should. Power windows, power mirrors, power sunroof, and automatic climate control with cold A/C being the main ones. The center arm rest and B pillar have been wrapped in a carbon fiber print which helps keep everything looking clean.
Under the hood you’ll find a few more nice upgrades. The SR20DE appears to have been well maintained as it fires right up and sounds great. The Fujitsubo catback has a deep tone that really opens up as the revs climb. To help with breathing a Blitz intake has been added as well. A strut tower brace along with a HPI engine damper were added to tighten things up a bit. The suspension has had a mild upgrade with Tokico struts and lowering springs. The ride height is a bit lower than stock without being as aggressive as a set of coilovers. The 5 speed feels great rowing through the gears. The clutch feels solid and engages smoothly. The NA SR’s pull strong across the RPM range and are surprisingly torquey for being a two liter. All without the reliability concern that many have with boosted dailys. Between the light chassis and balanced feel these make fantastic daily drivers for those looking to really enjoy their commute.