Year: 1996 / H08
Mileage: falsified car
Car inspection: With car inspection maintenance
Body color: Red
Exhaust: 1300
Body Type: Coupe
No repair history
Mission: 5MT
Handle: right
Fuel: Gasonline / Petrol
Drive system: 2WD
Recycling category: By repaid
Lower chassis number 3 digits: 276
Specs: Air Conditioner Power Steering Power Wind Aluminum Wheel ABS DVD Navigation Record Book Aero Low Down Dress Up External Aluminum Additional Monitor
Comment: TO4R V mount This machine was tuned by R Magic, a fully tuned vehicle with side port processing engine. The RX-7 is a demo car class that has been fully tuned to the full aero exterior, audio caliper interior with AP caliper interior, additional meter seats, engine tuned intake and exhaust, cooling measures, etc. It is super recommended for those who are not satisfied with the boost UP level.
Tuning Shop: R Magic
HP category: RX-7 (FD3S)
Tuning fee: 3.5 million yen
Horsepower: Estimated 400 PS
Engine: OH at 2007 R Magic
Piston: 3 piece apex seal
Fuel pump: NISMO
Other: Fuel collector tank
Turbine: TO4R overhauled
Wastegate: External return type
Other: Silicone vacuum hose
CPU: Power FC
Boost controller: Gretty Profec B
Turbo timer: Blitz
Cooling system:
Intercooler: External V-mount
Oil cooler: Outside
Radiator: Outside
Other: Cusco oil catch tank
Air cleaner: HKS
Catalyst: R Magic Sport Catalyzer
Muffler: R Magic
Piping: Outside
Other: Battery relocation
Suspension (F): Outside harmonic drive
Suspension (R): Outside harmonic drive
Stabilizer (F): Auto EXE
Stabilizer (R): Auto EXE
Wheel (F): Evo
Wheel (R): Evo
Caliper (F): AP rcing caliper
Rotor (F): Slid
Tower bar: Outside
Speedometer: Full scale 300km
Additional meter: Boost meter Gretty
Additional meter: Water temperature gauge Gretty
Additional meter: Oil temperature gauge Gretty
Additional meter: Hydraulic gauge Gretty
Steering: MOMO
Shift knob: Outside
Audio deck: Panasonic
TV / Navigation: Panasonic DVD Navigation
Front spoiler: R Magic
Front fender: R Magic
Side step: R Magic
Rear bumper spoiler: R Magic
Rear spoiler: Type 6 late
Aero Mirror: Ganadoll