What is is an online marketplace that showcases JDM cars for sale from 52+ JDM Importers & Exporters in one place to make finding the ideal car easy for buyers.

Are you a dealer?

No. We are a marketplace for individuals and dealers to list their vehicles for sale. All vehicles are listed by the indicated seller.

Who runs this site?

This website is run by a team of automotive enthusiasts who have a passion for JDM vehicles.

The founder of was formerly a JDM importer back in 2004-2009, operating in Canada and having imported hundreds of Japanese cars to North America. Seeing a growing need for dealers to connect with buyers, was founded.

Where are you located?

JDM Buy & Sell is not a dealership and does not sell or buy vehicles. All vehicles are for sale by the indicated seller. Our address is 7878 Express St #17B, Burnaby, BC V5A 1T4. Phone number: ‪(765) 444-2779‬

How do I get on your JDM Dealer list?

Please contact us.


How do I buy a JDM car?

The vehicles listed for sale on are being offered directly by individual sellers and dealers. To inquire about a vehicle, please contact the seller of the specific vehicle you are interested in.

How can I contact the seller?

Click on the button “Contact Seller” on the vehicle listing to visit the associated seller and inquire through their website.

If the “Contact Seller” button isn’t visible then the vehicle is no longer available.

What does Expired mean on a listing?

A vehicle becomes expired when our data indicates it’s no longer available for sale.

How do I report an Ad?

If you feel that the ad is breaking some rules, you can report it via our contact us form.

How do I import a car from Japan?

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know about importing JDM cars from Japan to the USA or Canada.

Even if you’ve decided to import a vehicle yourself you may benefit from the assistance of a JDM Exporter or Importer.


How do I list my JDM car here?

Follow the directions here.

Do you buy JDM cars?

No, we are not a dealership. If you’re looking to sell your vehicle directly to a JDM dealer you will find our JDM Importer list helpful

Are JDM dealers allowed to list vehicles here?

Yes, we welcome all JDM importers and exporters. We strictly enforce that all vehicles listed are your owned inventory. We do not allow sellers to list and represent vehicles that are not in their possession. Please contact us.