Subaru Sambar Kombi

Does size really matter?  Yes it does!  The proof is the Subaru Sambar.

Smaller really IS better with this petite “kei car” vehicle.  Available in two versions, a van and a pick-up truck, this little Subaru that could – and does – provides ample space for most needs. 

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Models and Variations

If you choose the van layout,  you will realize that despite its’ diminutive size, it can do just about anything that other minivans and SUV’s  do, plus things that minivans can’t – like go off-road.  Plus it seats more people then a Hummer H1.  If efficiency is what you seek, look no further. This mighty mite sips fuel at an amazing 50 MPG.

For those more interested in hauling their family around, the Sambar is the ultimate family vehicle. With seating for five, full-time four wheel drive and a 660cc supercharged engine, what more could any family want?

The Sambar is equipped with either a five-speed manual transmission offering extra-low gear, or an easy to drive automatic.  For those who like to camp out, the optional crystal lite roof and drapery help to get away from the hussle and bussle of the city. 

The pick-up form gives those who need to carry goods the ability to do so.  Construction workers, who need to move small loads without hurting their wallet, can do so now.  Its’ size helps it get to smaller areas where larger vehicles can not.

If you’re a person who just needs to be different, but needs to be practical, why not modify it?  The modifications that can be done are endless, from putting in a V8 engine, to the famous Volkswagen Transporter conversion.  The vehicle allows you to put your own personal twist to an already eye-catching vehicle.


Compliance for the vehicle is very easy.  Universal headlights fit most of the models, including the Volkswagen Camper conversion model.  While the stock van also fits universal headlights for safety and looks, it is recommended that E-Code headlights  be installed.  As with all vehicles, a day time running light (DRL) module, amber side markers in the front and red rear side markers are needed. 


How to Import a Subaru Sambar

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