The year: 2000 (H12)
Mileage: 79,000 k
Vehicle inspection: Inspection maintenance installation
Repair history: None
Recycling fee:
Maintenance cost when delivery: None
Previous user inspection and maintenance record book: None
Previous user application: Private car
Guarantee: None
Regular inspection and maintenance: 24 months periodic inspection record maintenance book
Remodeling/Tuning Contents: 5 -speed MT Intercooler Bow+4WD STI Muffler MOMO Steering HID Tower Bar TRUST Boost Type CD
Special notes: Development equivalent to 24 -month inspection, various boots such as drive shaft boots, water leaks, oil leak inspections, light -up inspection, brake pads (replacement in 3 mm or less), and engine oil.Includes exchange.
Exterior color: Silver
Model: TA-GDA
Grade: NB 4WD
Riding capacity: 5
Dematles: 2000cc
Handle: Right
Body type: Sedan
Fuel: Gasoline
Shift: 5mt
Driving method: 4WD
Equipment specifications
Air conditioner, power steering, power wind, ABS, keyless, driver’s seat airbag, passenger seat airbag, aluminum wheel, HID headlight
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