1993 Subaru Vivio T-Top

The name “Vivio” is a reference to the engine’s displacement of 660 written in Roman numerals (VI,VI,O), and also inspired by the word “vivid”.

This cute bubble Subaru is a tiny car that combines sultry coupe styling with t-tops and a powered metal convertible roof. In spring 1992, Vivio replaced the Rex. The new car sported similar styling to its predecessor, but used more advanced engine technology and focused even more on saving weight tipping the scales at a scant 1,433 pounds. 

ONLY 75k MILES, aftermarket exhaust, steering wheel. suspension and wheels.

While this vehicle is not part of the Kei A, B, C sports car line up including the Mazda AZ-1, Honda Beat, and this Suzuki Cappuccino it is directly compared to them as an FWD comparison. 

  • Condition

    This convertible sports car was inspected in Japan.

    • ENGINE/Transmission inspected and running strong.

    • BODY was repainted, with some small scratches and paint chips.

    • INTERIOR clean given its age it looks good. It has a MOMO performance steering wheel. 

    • WHEELS/TIRES included are lightweight performance aftermarket wheels.

    • BRAKES fully functional, strong in good health. 

  • Transportation

    I can TRANSPORT up to 200 miles from Zip Code 06033. (I..e NYC area, Providence RI, Boston/Springfield MA, Albany/New York City NY, Manchester at a rate of 0.75 per mile for the full trip.