New Year: 1999 (H11)
Mileage: 142,000 k
Inspection: No inspection
Repair history: Yes
Recycling fee:
Maintenance cost when delivery: Please contact us
Previous user inspection and maintenance record book: None
Previous user use:
Guarantee: None
Regular inspection and maintenance: 24 months periodic inspection record maintenance book
Remodeling/tuning Contents: Type Belle Incarnation Cusco LSD Aluminum Lady Eater HKS Muffler & Ekimani TOM’S Suspension Member & ECU Cusco Tower Bar 19 -inch Aluminum Wheel Quick Side Brake relocation TRD Scale meter
Special notes: Development equivalent to 24 -month inspection, various boots such as drive shaft boots, water leakage, oil leak inspection, lighting -up inspection, brake pads (replacement in 3 mm or less), engine oil.Includes exchange.
Exterior color: blue
Model: GF-SXE10
Grade: RS200 Z edition
Riding capacity: 5
Dematles: 2000cc
Handle: Right
Body type: Sedan
Fuel: Gasoline
Shift: 6mt
Driving method: 2WD
Equipment specifications
Car navigation, one -segment TV, CD
Air conditioning, power steering, power wind, ABS, keyless, passenger seat airbag, sunroof, aluminum wheel, HID headlights
Customers who have received a reservation for visiting the store will receive a bactericidal deodorization plan for our original original!Use an ozone generator to eliminate the odors of the worrisome inside the car, such as tobacco, pets, and mold, and deodorizes and deodorizes and deodorizes and deodorizes chlorine removal deodorant.To do.