Year: 2006
Distance: 94,000 K
Car inspection: test
Repair history: no
Recycling fee: 12580
Maintenance costs during delivery: 50000 yen
Previous user’s inspection maintenance record book: no
Previous user’s application:
Warranty: no
Regular inspection maintenance: Please inquire
Remodeling / Tuning Contents: Outside Muffler Rear Spoiler
Special note: genuine 6MT Blembo caliper genuine leather power sheet seat heater
Exterior color: Blue
Model: UA-Z33
Grade: Version ST
Flight Capacity: 2
Exhaust volume: 3500 cc
Handle: right
Body type: Coupe
Fuel: gasoline
Shift: 6MT
Drive method: 2WD
Equipment specification
Car navigation
Air Conditioned, Power Steering, Power Wind, ABS, Driving Seat Airbag, Wringer Airbag, Leather Sheet, Aluminum Wheel, HID Headlight
The popular color Z33 Fairlady Z has been held! And it is a top grader version ST! If you are looking for Z33, how are you looking for a custom basis?