Stock #6266
Honda’s attempts to scratch our Type R itch stateside may have appeared successful, but it wasn’t until the EK9 was legal to import when we realized what we were really missing out on! Our 1997 Civic Type R is the quintessential hot hatch. Lightweight, tossable, and chock full of performance equipment, this Championship White (NH0) EK is a special unit through and through. Set off by a carbon fiber bonnet, OEM front and rear lips, factory fog lamps, and some 16″ TE37’s, the aesthetics are picture perfect, although we wanted to note a prior replacement of the driver door in Japan. This track toy was clearly cared for in a prior life as well, as the 100k miles on the clock are verified and documented. Forbidden fruit for over 25 years, and now ready to turn heads at your local Cars and Coffee, this Civic Type R is the textbook Japanese Classic Honda!
Optimized for performance, and chock full of great amenities for daily use, we have almost no bad things to say about the EK9’s cockpit, and this example was clearly pampered overseas. The red suede Recaros show no excessive bolster wear, rips, stains or tears, and the matching red carpet has been protected with some matching carpet mats. The dash layout is simple, free of excessive technology, and the climate control is easy to operate, with cold A/C on tap as we trudge into the warmer months. Adjacent to the HVAC, an upgraded Clarion single din headunit features MP3 functionality and audio quality is decent overall, although most would prefer listening to the B16 bounce off redline. A MOMO steering wheel is affixed to a quick release hub for a bit of extra street cred, and it also feels great in the palm as you pilot this EK through backroad twists and turns. Power windows, locks, and mirrors work as advertised, although the side mirrors no longer electronically fold. A rear bench is present should you need it, and functionality can be increased by folding the seatback down to extend the hatch space. The headliner and door cards are free of any unwanted nicks or stains, and save for a crushed armrest, we think the next owner will be satisfied with the condition overall.
As enthusiasts, we champion the B16B under the hood for its ease of service, modification, and overall frugal ownership experience. Better yet, we’ve handled its initial Stateside service, and a new 12v battery helps this 1.6 crank over the first time every time. We addressed a few oil leaks at the VTEC solenoid, distributor o-ring, valve cover and oil pan, and topped everything off with a fresh oil and filter service. While we were in there we went ahead and dropped in new spark plugs as a bit of a preventative measure. With the maintenance performed this Type R rockets up to highway speeds without a hitch and the short ratio manual gearbox is easy to navigate as well. A carbon fiber intake feeds the B series, and the exhaust note is amplified through a Kakimoto catback, which isn’t too overbearing. The drivetrain was given a substantial refresh. New inner and outer tie rods were installed on the front left and this CTR steers and handles as you’d expect. Blitz coilovers provide a more responsive ride over stock, a Cusco C-pillar and rear strut tower brace stiffen the chassis a bit, and we replaced both trailing arm bushings to keep the handling in compliance. The EK9’s stripped-down chassis does let a bit more road noise in than most other vehicles we sell but the performance benefits are well worth it. The brakes grab hard, and the TE37’s are wrapped in brand new Yokohama Advan rubber. Stylish and full of traction, they’ll keep you planted on the road for tens of thousands of miles to come!