This is a beautiful 1996 Subaru Wrx Sti Type RA. Car has roughly 98000km—–60000k Miles. This was a homologation rally car, less than 800 of these cars were produced. Car is imported into the states and is currently in Arizona. No rust on it or under it. The under carriage is very clean on this car. Car makes good power. The Type Ra’s are very different from a normal sti. They came with shorter gear ratios, along with the dccd trans, it is a center diff controller. Roll up windows, non power mirrors or locks, unpainted mirrors and handles, the fifth injector, lighter glass, no abs or a/c, the roof vent, no rear wiper. Basically a lighter version of the normal sti.

-360 LPH Fuel pump
-Work meister s2r wheels
-Full vibrant exhaust
-Yellow jacket upgraded coils
-St Suspension Coilovers
-VF28 Turbo

If you have any questions about the car, feel free to contact me at, 928-899-2460