1998 Suzuki Alto Works Sport Limited, 660cc Turbo, 5 Speed Manual Transmission, 4WD, A/C, 105k Original Miles Verified, One Owner. JDM Import 08/2023, Right Hand Drive.
Suzuki Alto Works is without a doubt one of the greatest turbocharged kei cars of all time. Suzuki made many different Kei vehicles in many different body styles. The Jimny – Kei SUV, the Carry – Kei Truck, and the Cappuccino – Kei Roadster. However, often overshadowed by the Cappuccino, is the Alto Works Turbo. This was Suzuki’s Kei Hatchback, a great car for multiple different uses. For example, the Cappuccino had nearly no cargo space for daily use application, and the Jimny didn’t have the same performance as the Cappuccino. The Alto Works Turbo was a compromise between the two models, while having ample interior space and incredible performance. While reminiscent of a competition go-kart in size and thrills, the Alto Works offers solid Suzuki reliability and surprisingly ample space for everyday shopping and commuting. The exterior of this particular example is in a great shape, showing no major signs of wear, and no rust on the underside of the vehicle. The previous owner did care for this vehicle as everything is in good working condition.
The Suzuki Alto Works is 100% road legal, comes with a clean Florida Title and is ready to be driven home at the day of purchase. Nationwide shipping is available. Schedule your appointment or a video call.
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