Jeep licensed Mitsubishi to produce this variant of a CJ3 Jeep as part of the post war rebuilding of Japan in the 50s, They made them up to about 1998. This one from 1977 has a 4 cyl Mitsubishi (naturally) gas engine, Power disk brakes, hydraulic clutch all improvements over the 1950s engine Jeep used on the original. but the body still looks 1950s. It uses the familiar 3 stick Jeep transmission/transfer case with 4 speeds and separate levers for Hi Lo range and 2wd 4wd. Runs good, could use some cosmetic updating. It is geared like the CJ3B it resembles so not much on top speed but plenty of power. has top shown and also a “bikini” top with half doors is included.
I just thought it was cool so I brought it over. On Clear Arkansas Title in our Dealership name.