Year: 2013 / H25
Mileage: 68,000K
Vehicle inspection: Ryo January 2
Body color: Silver
Exhaust: 2000
Body Type: Coupe
Repair history: Yes
Mission: AT
Handle: right
Fuel: Gasonline / Petrol
Drive system: 2WD
Recycling category: By repaid
Lower chassis number 3 digits: 659
Specs: MT Mode AT Air Conditioner Power Steering Power Wind Keyless Aluminum Wheel ETC HID Headlight ABS Driver’s Seat Airbag Passenger’s Seat Airbag ESC Terrestrial Digital Back Camera Aero Low Down Dress Up External Aluminum
Comment: BRZ is in stock! Enomoto muffler and TEIN harmonic drive equipped! Looks great with STI Aero! The institution is also good! We also accept test rides, so please come to the store once!
Muffler: Enomoto
Piping: BLITZ
Suspension (F): TEIN harmonic drive
Suspension (R): TEIN harmonic drive
Wheel (F): WORK
Wheel (R): WORK
Tire size (F): 225 / 40-18
Tire size (R): 225 / 40-18
Shift knob: Outside
TV / Navigation: KENWOOD Digital Digi-Seg SD Navigation
Front spoiler: STi
Side step: STi
Rear underskirt: STi
Headlight: HID