Year: 1994 / H06
Mileage: 148,000K
Vehicle inspection: August 2014
Body color: AP black
Exhaust: 2000
Body Type: Coupe
Repair history: Yes
Mission: 5MT
Handle: right
Fuel: Gasonline / Petrol
Drive system: 2WD
Recycling category: Re-included
Lower chassis number 3 digits: 240
Specs: Air Conditioner Power Steering Power Wind Aluminum Wheel ABS Aero Low Down Dress Up External Aluminum
Comments: 180SX Type X aero that can be launched for 200,000 yen included, and the body has scratches, etc., but this vehicle will be delivered for 200,000 yen at the current amount including registration. Although the engine is 140,000 km, it is very strong and I think it is good for practice and parts removal when drifting. * Registration for inclusive sales will be in Kanto Ichiroku Roku, and registration and delivery costs in other prefectures will be charged separately.
HP category: NISSAN GT
Boost controller: BLITZ SBC
Cooling system:
Radiator: Outside Aluminum radiator
Other: Move element block
Air cleaner: HKS
Muffler: With external ECV
Blow-off valve: BLITZ
Suspension (F): Outside
Suspension (R): Outside
Wheel (F): WORK motion plating
Wheel (R): RAYS
Additional meter: Boost meter Defi
Steering: Outside
Shift knob: Rezzo
Others: Spin turn knob
Front spoiler: Outside crack
Side step: Outside
Rear underskirt: Outside
Rear spoiler: Outside
Bonnet: External FRP
Other: Eurotail LED