This rare revision 2 Signal Yellow turbo MR2 GT-S is now available in our showroom. The GT-S trim, hardtop, and color combination are what make this excellent condition MR2 quite rare. The exterior is in fantastic condition, very original, and unmodified. The Signal Yellow paint appears to be original and in very good condition with no major damage or notable blemishes. The paint shines nicely in all lighting conditions and even the contrasting side molding is in great condition which is notorious for fading badly over time. The body is also very straight and shows no major damage, dents, or dings.
The beautiful black interior is in equally as good of condition as the exterior. SW20 dashes are prone to sun damage and this one shows no signs of warping, cracking, or other types of sun damage. The seats are in great shape and have very minimal wear even on the drivers bolster. The door panels look excellent with no major cuts or tears and the carpet is in beautiful condition and shows no significant staining or damage. The fabric inserts on the door panels are also in great shape.
Mechanically the 3S-GTE power power plant provides excellent power in such a compact sports car. We will be installing a completely rebuilt turbocharger prior to sale so you won’t have to worry about replacement for a very long time. Shifts through the 5 speed E153/735 transmission are smooth and does not grind. This transmission comes from the factory with a VLSD differential, an optional not available in the US. The speedometer has been replaced with a Euro spec 260km/h unit, so mileage can not be verified. Overall an excellent condition hardtop SW20 MR2 ready to put a smile on your face! Drive this beautiful example home today!