This beautiful black 1993 Rover Mini has just arrived from Japan and is in phenomenal condition with just 13k original miles! The classic Mini was produced long after the US bumper laws changed in the 70’s and the classic Mini ceased being sold here in the US. In the U.K. and Japan the classic Mini remained extremely popular until the mid 90’s. This late model example has all of the bells and whistles and the larger 1275cc engine. The exterior is in beautiful condition and since this example was imported from Japan it has no major rust unlike most cars from the U.K. The black paint is in great condition considering it’s age and would look at home at your local cars and coffee or at a show. All of the bright work is in great condition as well, with minimal wear.
The interior is what you would expect from a car with such low miles. Extremely clean and very little wear and signs of use. The dash is quite modern compared to the original design and has A/C vents, a radio, and even a small glove box! The steering wheel is beautiful with very little wear, and the seats and door panels are in the same condition showing virtually no wear. The interior on this classic Mini is in exceptional condition, you won’t be dissapointed!
Mechanically the desirable 1275 engine starts right up and drives very well. By modern standards even the larger 1275cc engine isn’t fast by any means, but it gets along just fine. The automatic transmissions Rover used in these are notoriously clunky and this one is no exception, but it shifts well and drives excellent. There are no known mechanical issues save for a minor oil leak which to be frank is going to be on every British car. This cute little Mini is in superb condition and is ready to put a smile on y our face today!