Everyone’s favorite people carrier, the Nissan Homy/Caravan is ideal for those looking for something out of the ordinary yet extremely practical at the same time. With its cab over engine (COE) design it’s set up to have as much useful space while keeping the overall exterior dimensions down. The two tone charcoal gray paint makes for a subtle look and is in fantastic shape. For such a large bodied vehicle the panels have all been kept up very well. Typically these are prone to door dings and little scuffs but this one has been kept largely blemish free. The exterior has remained largely untouched but does have a few nice upgrades. The most noticeable change being the set of 17″ Work Euroline wheels which give a much more aggressive look than the stock 15″ wheels did. The side windows and rear glass have been tinted for privacy but certainly gives the profile a cleaner look in the process. On the flip side when night falls to help with visibility a set of HID headlights were installed along with matching fogs.
The interior is really where the Caravan shows it’s strength. With seating up to 7 and a variety of different configurations these are built to suite any need. The middle seats recline and swivel 180 degrees so you’re not constantly having to look over your shoulder on long road trips. The 3rd row can be laid down flat as well or can be flipped up for added cargo room. Both front and rear seats have been well maintained over the years free of any rips or tears. Since the interior is tan the seats do have some light stains but nothing too concerning. The Limousine is also fitted with a massive power sunroof for the rear passengers. Not to be left out, the cockpit has a large venting sunroof as well. When the weather is less than perfect you have front and rear climate control with cold A/C. The driver seat has controls for all of the power accessories; windows, mirrors, seat, sunroof, and privacy curtains. To give a more updated feel all of the lights have been replaced with LED’s including all the instrument and switch lights. An aftermarket headunit and DSP have been added but are currently disconnected. One of the more amusing features is the functional boost gauge mounted above the radio. Over on the passenger side a VIP tray table was mounted which makes for a nice finishing touch.
Power is sent to the rear wheels via Nissan’s intercooled 2.7 liter turbo diesel (TD27Ti). The diesel setup is great in these seeing as it does have it’s fair share of weight to move around. With the torque of the 2.7 liter it makes these vans very capable cruisers. With 105K miles on the clock the 2.7 fires right up and idles quietly for a diesel. Power is delivered to the rear wheels smoothly and the drive is equally comfortable. The automatic transmission shifts easily and without any fuss. These really do make the most out of all the available space which is what makes them such a versatile setup. Whether looking for a head turner to tote around the family or a weekend adventure mobile the original Caravan has it covered.