One of the most legendary rally cars to come out of Japan, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Up until this point the Galant was Mitsubishi’s rally platform but due to weight it was dropped in favor of the lighter Lancer chassis. The Evo was offered in two trim levels, the GSR and RS. The RS being the lighter, stripped down, version for those looking for a better platform to build from. That meant it received a factory radio delete, manual windows, manual seats, no rear wiper, or ABS resulting in an additional 150 lbs of savings. With that savings the curb weight was dropped to a little over 2,500 lbs. This one owner car still sports the factory styling and has been kept mostly all stock. With 129K miles this car has been well maintained but does have some routine blemishes for its age. The body is straight and has been well maintained. There are some routine door dings from daily driving but nothing a little PDR couldn’t sort out. The Scotia White (W83) paint shows well and is largely blemish free. There is some touch up paint on the rear decklid and wing. There are also some small markings on the rear bumper, it looks like from getting things in and out of the trunk. Otherwise the exterior is just how the factory designed it to be.
Due to the weight reduction the interior is very purpose driven. The seats have been well maintained and are free of any rips or tears. Even the bolsters, which are so prone to wear, appear to be in great shape. The same can be said about the dash, door panels, and carpeting. The only thing that has been changed is a clean D1 Spec Wheel in place of the original one. While sparse on amenities it does have climate control and the air is currently blowing cool. It does have the clever rally inspired intercooler sprayer switch down by the gear selector, which definitely plays into the fact this car is more about function over form. Overall the interior is a well maintained example of Mitsubishi’s commitment to the WRC program.
Mechanically this Evo has been kept pretty much factory stock. The 4G63-T is mated up to a proper 5 speed manual with a mechanical LSD. The 2.0L fires right up and idles along nicely. Through the factory exhaust it’s surprisingly quiet and doesn’t start to open up until you get on it. Power comes on strong and relatively low in the rev range, which makes for a solid power all the way through. These were rated at 245hp from the factory which is noticeable in a car this light. The clutch is stiff however the gear shifts are very easy. The transmission shifts smoothly and without any grinding. There are only a few minor changes from the factory, a full grounding kit is the only change up under the hood. The suspension has been upgraded with a set of GAB adjustable shocks. And the wheels were upgraded to a set of White 6 spoke 15″ SSR’s instead of the stock steel wheels. There is some surface rust to note on the under side of the spare tire well. It looks like it could be scuffed down and gone over with some undercoating since there are no holes or flaking. Mitsubishi made a splash when they made the proper commitment to a production rally car. This thing is an absolute blast to drive with a track record to back it up!