We just got in this one of a kind SW-20 MR2 that certainly makes a splash wherever it goes. Finished in one of the MR2’s best colors, Super Red II (3E5), it looks awesome with all the modifications that it’s sporting. With 137K miles it appears to have been cherished by its previous owner as it’s been kept in great shape over the years. The paint has a great shine and matches up well considering all the aftermarket aero. The front bumper has been replaced with a much more distinct KEI Office front end. The Do-Luck side skirts compliment the aggressive tone set by the front bumper. The large rear wing is adjustable or could easily be removed if it’s not your cup of tea. One of the most unique parts of this 1992 is the fact it’s a fixed roof coupe instead of the traditional T-Tops. With all of the pieces working is harmony it gives the SW20 a fantastic profile from any angle. The body has been well preserved and is free of any notable dents or dings.
The interior has received much of the same treatment that the outside did. The steering wheel has been upgraded to a Momo 3 spoke as well as the handbrake. The shift knob is a weighted Razo that feels great rowing through the gears. Below the radio are a set of Omini water temp, oil pressure, and oil temp gauges however they are currently disconnected. The rest of the interior has been left untouched and in great shape. The driver seat has had a patch made for the bolster to protect from getting in and out. The passenger seat is in excellent shape. Both are free of any stains or markings and the same can be said about the carpets and headline. Being the G-Limited several power accessories were standard options. The power windows, locks, mirrors, and folding features are all function as they should.
Mechanically there have been quite a few nice additions made. Power comes from the mid mounted, two liter, 3S-GE. Fitted with an HKS intake and HKS Hi Power catback this N/A is a screamer. The tone is aggressive on startup and only gets better the more you put your foot down. The 5 speed feels great and has an easy clutch engagement. The previous owner claimed to have rebuilt the motor and built it up a bit over stock. That may explain why this doesn’t feel like an ordinary MR2. However without any documentation we can only speculate. It does have a set of Ultra Silicone Power Wires but we couldn’t tell much else without tearing deeper into the motor. A Cusco strut bar sits atop the engine bay along with a set of Junior Spec (Buddy Club) coilovers. Those coilovers have set it at a great height just above the Panasport G7 wheels. To slow things down a bit a set of Project Mu pads were fitted on all four corners. The previous owner obviously loved this car and the build shows. The way it sits this would make for an excellent daily that turns heads everywhere it goes. With how strong the aftermarket is for the SW20 there’s no end to how far this car could be taken.