One of the best driver’s chassis out there, the S13 is a legend. We just got in this fantastic example with only 33K miles. This 1992 also happens to be finished in one of the hardest colors to come by, Yellowish Silver Two Tone (1K5.) What’s even more impressive is the fact this car has been kept all stock. Finding an unmodified example has become incredibly hard over the years. The paint on this one has been kept up very well and is free of any notable blemishes. The color looks fantastic in the sunlight as it has a great metallic undertone. The body has been kept up just as well, there are some typical little door dings but nothing too concerning. Even the factory spoiler, which is knows for peeling, is in great shape.
The interior has been kept to much the same standards. The driver and passenger seats do have some discoloration from age but are free of any rips or tears. The driver side bolster does show some rippling from getting in and out over the years, but nothing out of the ordinary. The back seats appear to have hardly ever been used, even the carpets are free of any notable issues. The door panels are free of any common peeling which really ties together how well the car has been maintained. Unfortunately this one does have two cracks in the dash which is all too common with S chassis. The cracks are on the gauge cluster so they’re less obvious that usual. The Q’s came with several convenience options such as power windows, mirrors, and automatic climate control. All of the accessories are working as they should and the A/C blows cold. This one still has the original radio, tape player, as well as in dash CD.
Under the hood is an all stock SR20DE which is the naturally aspirated two liter. Coupled to a 5 speed manual makes this car an absolute blast to drive! The power band is very linear and pulls well in any gear. The SR starts right up and idles nicely. The only modification that’s been made was the addition of a Fujitsubo exhaust. The exhaust has a nice low tone, however not too much louder than stock. The transmission shifts with ease and the clutch engagement is smooth. The stock suspension on these is very well sorted. The ride is comfortable but can be throw into a turn with ease, which is what made these cars so great in the first place. This Q’s is a fantastic drivers car, and with one as clean and low mileage it would make for an excellent daily!