The Celsior was Toyota’s first shot at the luxury sedan market and it really shows. Even by today’s standards the Celsior is no slouch when it comes to comfort and amenities. This 1991 is in great condition with only 71K miles. The factory optional Black Jade Pearl (6K4) looks fantastic and has been well preserved over the years. Depending on the lighting the color takes on different shades of black and a deep forest green metallic. The hood does have some routine blemishes/stone chips from from highway driving but nothing out of the ordinary. The body has been kept in equally great shape with only minor door dings from day to day life. The exterior has been kept just the way it did from the factory making it a great daily that has plenty of options for those looking to change things up a bit. This one does have the hard to find amber glass which makes for a nice touch.
the interior of this Celsior has the hard to find leather package and it looks fantastic! The leather has been kept in great shape with only minor bolster wear to the driver seat. The bolster does have some traditional cracking but there are no rips or tears. The passenger set is in great shape and the rears appear to have hardly been used. The carpeting has been kept up well and is free of any severe staining. The UCF comes loaded up with power accessories; adjustable/folding mirrors, door locks, seats, tilt/telescoping wheel, cruise control, to name a few. The automatic climate control is simple to use and works great. The same can be said about the bright digital gauges. Frankly it’s hard to believe this all came from the early 90’s.
Power comes thanks to the silky smooth 4 Liter V8 (1UZ-FE.) The V8 fires right up and idles as quietly as you would anticipate any proper luxury sedan to. The power delivery is smooth and with more than enough power to get around any slower traffic. The Type B has a traditional spring setup with adjustable dampers controlled by Toyota’s “Piezo-TEMS” system. Subsequently those looking to take the stance approach have an easier system to work with verse the full air suspension. The ride is still exceptionally comfortable without having the boaty body roll most big body cars are prone to. The automatic transmission cycles through the gears with ease and shifts are drama free. Since the Celsior is fundamentally the same as the LS400 sold in the states, parts availability isn’t an issue. These make exceptional daily drivers for those after the proper luxury experience but want to add a little flair to the daily commute.