1988 Nissan Sunny Truck:


Minitrucks rejoice! This is Nissan’s version of the VW Caddy. Unlike the VW, this is a reliable workhorse that is just the right size for those who don’t have a lot to haul around. In addition, its classic looks and dual fender-mounted mirrors give it a style that’s unlike anything else on the road.

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1993 Subaru Sambar Truck:


This mid-engine Kei truck is designed to do move anything you can throw in it while being good very good on gas. Its compact size makes it a favorite for contractors that have to drive around tight city streets. Furthermore, the fold-down bed sides add to its practicality.

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1992 Mazda Bongo Brawny Truck:


If you are looking for something compact in size that can carry more than two people, than the Mazda Brawny is for you. This ex firetruck is a crew cab, dually truck that can carry your staff and their equipment.

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1990 Datsun D21:


Rarely do you see a crew cab Datsun, but we found this capable 4×4 gem for you. The manual transmission and economical four-cylinder engine is ready to conquer any terrain you might throw at it.

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1990 Suzuki Carry Kei Truck:


As you know by now, Kei trucks are the preferred mode of transport for tradesmen in Japan. The reason for that is because they have small engines, are compact in size and can fit nearly anywhere. As people are becoming more and more aware of their existence in North America, we are sure to see an influx of them as we become more conscious of our carbon footprint.

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1993 Mitsubishi MiniCab:


The Mitsubishi Minicab can be used as a regular truck or a flatbed thanks to its fold down sides. This makes it possible to carry much larger objects in this tiny Kei truck. The cab-over design allows for a much more compact design when compared to regular trucks.

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1986 Honda TN ACTY Super Delux 4×4:


Ideal for people who live in snowy areas, the Acty is a Kei truck that has a very capable 4×4 system willing to go through just about anything. The added five-speed gearbox will give you ultimate control of the road.

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1991 Daihatsu HiJet 4WD Mini-Truck:


Yet another 4WD Kei truck. This one is manufactured by Daihatsu and comes with a four-speed manual. The bed can be folded down for carrying unusually big items. Snow, sand, mud, etc., this truck will go through it all with ease!

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Picture credit: www.stanceworks.com