Year: 1994
Distance: 161,000 k
Vehicle inspection: inspection-January of the case of the command
Repair history: no
Recycling fee: 11950
Maintenance costs for delivery: Please inquire
Previous user’s inspection maintenance record book: Please inquire
Previous user’s usage: private car
Warranty: no
Periodic inspection maintenance: At the time of delivery
Remodeling / Tuning Contents:
Special note: Timing belt replaced H26. October 28 143, 637 km
Exterior color: Silver
Model: E-JZA80
Grade: 3.0 gz
Fire capacity:
Exhaust volume: 3000 CCCC
Body type: Coupe
Fuel: gasoline
Shift: AT
Drive method: 2WD
Equipment specification
Air Conditioned, Power Steering, Power Wind, ABS, Driving Seat Airbag, ESC, Leather Sheet, Aluminum Wheel, ETC
Recently, a rare 80 Supra GZ was held.
There is a record that is also replacing the Thai Bel, so the belts will be a vehicle that does not worry.
The state of the vehicle is also good, so I think it would be appreciated by all means.