Toyota Soarer
3000 GT Limited
Air Suspension
Displacement: 3,000 cc
Year: 1989 May
Mileage: 33,600 km
Mileage condition: original
Color: Pearl mica (two tone)
Transmission: automatic (AT)
Body type: coupe
Model: MZ 21
Detailed information:
Number of doors: 2 door
Capacity: 5 people
Drivetrain: 2WD
Fuel: gasoline
Chassis number (last 3 digits): 228
Car history: Private use
Ownership history: Multiple owners
Non-smoking owners
No pets riding history
Equipment (options, etc.) information:
Air conditioner
Power steering
Real leather seats
Power window
Genuine aero part
Centralized door lock
Genuine aluminum wheel
Instruction manual
(with new car guarantee info)
Spare tire
Previous Owner’s Comments:
“This edition is the highest grade GT
limited with air suspension, available at its time.
It comes with the genuine aero kit option.
Three previous owners were relatives and parents,
and it was in warehouse/indoor storage.
The warehouse is air conditioned.
It is in wonderful condition.
Around the wheel-wells, the gap when
opening the door, inside the engine
room, etc. are in beautiful condition.
Headlights also look new, including
surface, inside, it is still transparent
glass. Exterior and plating are also in
great condition.
There is also no deterioration of the
The late model limited air suspension
ride feels comfortable and
suspension is still in good condition.
I think that you will be amazed once
you see the exterior condition.
The gloss of the paint is wonderful.
There is no noticeable scratch.
Door mirror base cover has no crack on
both sides. The surface of the wheel
surface plating is also beautiful.
It is beautiful until the muffler cutter.
Interior is clean. The leather seats
are also miraculously beautiful.
Of course, there are no cracks on the
leather seat due to being stored indoors.
The condition will surprise you when you see it.
Because it is a non-smoking car,
the interior is clean and no odor.
There is a unique odor of genuine
leather interior.
Dashboard, there is no fading at all.
There are some scratches near the
glove box lid and the upper part.
Door lining, rear lining, rear speaker
board, rear seat on headrest,
have no fading or damage.
Each switch [air conditioner operation
switch, power window switch] is also like new.
Side brake cover is also clean,
without surface deterioration.
Engine, transmission,
and brakes are also good condition.
The rear spoiler is available, but not
attached for many years, and is