Year: 2001
Distance: 191,000 k
Car inspection: inspection-April 4 years April
Repair history: no
Recycling fee: 12030
Maintenance costs for delivery: Please inquire
Previous user’s inspection maintenance record book: Please inquire
Previous user’s usage: private car
Warranty: no
Periodic inspection maintenance: At the time of delivery
Remodeling / Tuning Contents: A’PEXI Power FC Tomei Turbine West Gate Trust Intercooler Trust Radiator Oil Cooler HPI Erakri Component Muffler Tein Car Hymonery ORC Enhancement Clutch Outside LSD Cusco Opper Arm Outside Muffler DEFI Add Meter Outside Aero Trust Turbo Timer
Special note: 5-speed MT replacement certified
Exterior color: pearl
Model: E-JZX100
Grade: Tourer V
Flight Capacity: 5
Exhaust volume: 2500 cc
Handle: right
Body type: Sedan
Fuel: gasoline
Shift: 5mt
Drive method: 2WD
Equipment specification
Air Conditioned, Power Steering, Power Wind, ABS, Width Airbag, Side Airbag, Aluminum Wheel, ETC, HID Headlight
This vehicle will be a mission-up and certified vehicle.
Cooling system, intake exhaust system, footing, clutch, LSD also change from turbine, so power is out and drift can be performed.
If this tuning content is a cheap category if you can buy it at this amount, it is quite recommended for those who want to drift with high power.