The year: 2010 (H22)
Mileage: 75,000 k
Inspection: No inspection
Repair history: None
Recycling fee:
Maintenance cost when delivery: Please contact us
Previous user inspection and maintenance record book: None
Previous user application: Private car
Guarantee: None
Regular inspection and maintenance: None
Remodeling/Tuning Contents: Eclipse Navi (AVN-R10) Terror Digi BLUETOOTH ETC Genuine 14inaw Smart Key Push Start Auto Air Conditional Electrical Storage Mirror Fog Lump Door Viser
Exterior color: gray
Model: DBA-MH23s
Grade: Stingray x Audiology
Riding capacity: 4
Dematles: 660cc
Handle: Right
Body type: Light
Fuel: Gasoline
Shift: at
Driving method: 2WD
Equipment specifications
Car navigation, terrestrial digital, Bluetooth
Air conditioner, power steering, power wind, ABS, keyless, passenger seat airbag, aluminum wheel, etc.