Automobile basic information
Model: Subaru Forester STi version
Year: 2004
Millage: 94,000km
Color: Blue M
Fuel: Gasoline
Body type: 5 D
Mission: 6 speed manual
Displacement: 2,500cc
Supercharger: Turbocharger
Automotive information
State of millage: Original
Number of doors: 2
Drive: 4WD
Steering: Right
Repair history: None
Owners: more than one
Capacity number: Four-seater
Equipment (option etc.) information
Air-condition, power steering, power window, Airbags: driver’s seat / passenger seat, ABS, car navigation system: HDD navigation, Audio: CD or CD changer / music server, TV: fullseg, Visual: DVD playback, Aluminum wheels: 18 inches, HID (xenon light), ETC, AERO, keyless
M/T state
There is no failure of MT mission. Very smooth shift change of mission.
Engine state
Great condition