Make: Nissan
Model: Skyline
Grade: GT
Chassis model: GC10
Year of manufacture: Sep.1971
Kilometres: 80,000km
Engine: 2,000cc
Transmission: F5
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Grey
Fuel: Gasoline
SPEC: External Tacho Leg & Muffler Solex, Front Recaro Seats, External Springs & Shocks, Watanabe AW.
Remarks: Showa-registered car, corroded exterior, blister fenders, external seatbelt installation, repair history B, color change, original color (silver), oil leak around engine, undercarriage small rust. Bonnet and trunk replaced, Left door small rust and replaced. Right door scratch and replaced. Left passenger door replaced and bad painted. Right passenger door dents and replaced. Right and left skirt under door replaced. Left and right rear fender replaced and bad painted.
$40 972