Make: Nissan
Model: Skyline
Grade: V-Spec Midnight Purple III
Chassis model: GF-BNR34
Year of manufacture: Jun.2000
Kilometres: 60,000km
Engine: 2,600cc RB26-DET
Transmission: FMT
Exterior Color: Bright purple
Interior Color: Grey
Fuel: Gasoline
SPEC: EY ABS AB AW One owner, 300 units only, Nismo shock absorber, Nismo Verdina exhaust, Nismo CPU, TABATA radiator, genuine OP oil cooler ducts, Brembo, keyless, non-smoking car, U-CAR warranty card, instruction manual, spare key.
Remarks: Front bumper and rear bumper scratches. Bonnet scratches, left and right door scratches. Rear right fender scratches and dent.
$273 964