Year Code: 2005
Distance: 145,000 k
Car inspection: inspection-June of the case of the word
Repair history: no
Recycling fee: 12580
Maintenance costs during delivery: 50000 yen
Previous user’s inspection maintenance record book: no
Previous user’s application:
Warranty: no
Regular inspection maintenance: Please inquire
Remodeling / Tuning Contents: Work 18 Inch AW Amuse Muffler Car Hair Hurone Defice Add Meter
Special note: 6MT Blembo caleriper
Exterior color: orange
Model: CBA-Z33
Grade: Version S
Flight Capacity: 2
Exhaust volume: 3500 cc
Handle: right
Body type: Coupe
Fuel: gasoline
Shift: 6MT
Drive method: 2WD
Equipment specification
Carnabi, CD
Air Conditioned, Power Steering, Power Wind, ABS, Keyless, Driving Seat Aerbag, Width Airbag, Aluminum Wheel, ETC, HID Headlight, Back Camera
Popular Z33 Fairlady Z, and it is a medium-term type of 294 ps! More rare orange! There are a lot of milking distance, but the exterior is also beautiful, so it is recommended to custom based!