Year: 1996 Distance: 1030,000 k Vehicle inspection: Inspection-January 2016 Repair history: Yes Recycling fee: 7940 Maintenance costs during delivery: 50000 yen Previous user’s inspection maintenance record book: no Previous user’s application: Warranty: no Regular inspection maintenance: Please inquire Remodeling / Tuning Contents: SSR17 Inch AW Outside Muffler Car Hair Vehicle Verification Intercooler Outside Aero Special note: genuine 5mt Exterior color: White Model: E-RPS13 Grade: Type X Fire Capacity: 4 Exhaust volume: 2000 cc Handle: right Body type: Coupe Fuel: gasoline Shift: 5mt Drive method: 2WD Equipment specification Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Wind, ABS, Width Airbag, Aluminum Wheel Popular 180SX Goods Recovery! As it is an outside aero, wide fender and unique custom, it is one of the must-see if you are looking for!