New Year: 1999 (H11)
Mileage: 175 million k
Vehicle inspection: Inspection maintenance installation
Repair history: None
Recycling fee: 11,730 yen by repose
Maintenance costs when delivery: Yen
Previous user inspection and maintenance record book: Yes
Previous user use:
Guarantee: None
Regular inspection and maintenance:
Remodeling/Tuning Contents: Casco Harmon Firts Boma Fuller External LSD External Slit Rotor Tower Bar ADVAN18 inch Aluminum Wheel External Steering Turbo Timer LED Headlight
Exterior color: gray
Model: GF-CP9A
Grade: GSR
Riding capacity: 5
Dematles: 2000cc
Handle: Right
Body type: Sedan
Fuel: Gasoline
Shift: 5mt
Driving method: 2WD
Equipment specifications
Air conditioner, power steering, power wind, ABS, keyless, passenger seat airbag, aluminum wheel, LED headlights
Customers who have made a contract for visiting the store will receive our original bactericidal deodorization plan!Use an ozone generator to eliminate the worrisome odor in the car, strongly deodorizes and deodorizes and deodorizes chlorine -bactericated deodorizers to deodorize.