Year: 2004
Distance: 64,000 K
Vehicle inspection: inspection-Decline in December 3
Repair history: no
Recycling fee: 11950
Maintenance cost of delivery: Yen
Previous user’s inspection maintenance record book: no
Previous user’s application:
Warranty: no
Periodic inspection maintenance: At the time of delivery
Remodeling / Tuning Contents: Re Amamiya Computer R Magic Muffler Outside Echi Meni Sard Catalyzer Outside Oil Cooler Mazda Speedria Spoiler R Magic Downsus Carotzeria Navigation Back Camera ETC
Exterior color: titanium gray
Model: ABA-SE3P
Grade: Type S
Fire Capacity: 4
Exhaust volume: 1300 cc
Handle: right
Body type:
Fuel: gasoline
Shift: 6MT
Drive method: 2WD
Equipment specification
Car navigation system, terrestrial digital, CD
Air Conditioned, Power Steering, Power Wind, ABS, Keyless, Driving Seat Airbag, Wright Seat Airbag, ESC, Aluminum Wheel, ETC, HID Headlight, Back Camera
Running 64,000 kilo! Many RX-8 goods remodeled!