Year: 2003 Distance: 98,000,000 k Vehicle inspection: inspection-July of the word of the command Repair history: no Recycling fee: 11950 Maintenance cost of delivery: Yen Previous user’s inspection maintenance record book: no Previous user’s application: Warranty: no Periodic inspection maintenance: At the time of delivery Remodeling / Tuning Contents: Mazda Speed Front Bumper & Side Steps Outside Muffler Outside 18 Inch AW Auto Exceeding High-Pressed Auto Exhibition Tower Bar & Underblase ETC Notices: Exterior color: Blue Model: LA-SE3P Grade: Type S Fire Capacity: 4 Exhaust volume: 1300 cc Handle: right Body type: Fuel: gasoline Shift: 6MT Drive method: 2WD Equipment specification DVD Navi, CD, MD Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Wind, ABS, Keyless, Driving Seat Airbag, Width Airbag, ESC, Aluminum Wheel, ETC, HID Headlight Auto Eex Parts Many Mass!