Legendary 1996 Honda Integra Type-R DB8 four-door available for sale. It has only 133,221 original kilometers (82,779miles). It is very clean and very nice condition both inside and out. Honda Integra Type-R four-door, closely related to the DC2, but given the designation ‘
’. The Integra Type R comes with a quick and fun 1.8 liter DOHC VTEC 4 cylinder B18C engine, which has the maximum output due to changes in the piston, camshaft, intake manifold/exhaust manifold, ECU, etc., compared to the base model “Si-VTEC”. Achieved an improvement of 20PS at 200PS/8,000rpm (In the initial model, engine port polishing was done manually). The cam cover is also painted with red crystals.The transmission was a 5th gear MT with a 2-5th gear ratio changed to a low ratio and a cross ratio to match the higher engine speed, and a helical LSD was installed to improve traction performance. The exterior is equipped with lightweight aluminum wheels, a front lip spoiler and a large rear spoiler as standard equipment, in addition to the Type R exclusive body color of Championship White, and the interior is equipped with a Momo 360mm steering wheel (without SRS airbag). Car), a yellow pointer meter group equipped with a full scale 10,000 rpm tachometer (approx. similar to NSX type R) and a Recaro bucket seat.
This Integra is manufactured in 1996 so it will be legal for import to the USA in May 2021. We have storage options available in Japan and worldwide shipping. If you are interested in this DB8 please reach out to us on
or by email at [email protected]