New Year: 1999 (H11)
Mileage: 131,000 k
Vehicle inspection: Ordians August 6 years
Repair history: Yes
Recycling fee:
Maintenance cost when delivery: None
Previous user inspection and maintenance record book: None
Previous user application: Private car
Guarantee: None
Regular inspection and maintenance: 12 months periodic inspection record maintenance book
Remodeling/Tuning Contents: BLITZ harmonic dragonfly Infinite twin loop muffler Infinite air cleaner BOX external aluminum lilagiator FR.R tower bar navigation terrestrial TV etc. Genuine RECARO sheet
Special notes: 12 -month inspection maintenance, various boots such as drive shaft boots, water leaks, oil leak inspections, lighting -up inspections, brake pads (replacement in 3 mm or less), and engine oilIncludes exchange.
Exterior color: White
Model: GF-EK9
Grade: X
Riding capacity: 4
Demetation amount: 1600cc
Handle: Right
Body type: hatchback
Fuel: Gasoline
Shift: 5mt
Driving method: 2WD
Equipment specifications
Car navigation, terrestrial digital, CD, Bluetooth
Air conditioner, power steering, power wind, ABS, driver’s seat airbag, aluminum wheel, etc.
Customers who have made a contract for visiting the store will receive our original bactericidal deodorization plan!Use an ozone generator to eliminate the worrisome odor in the car, strongly deodorize and deodorize, and deodorize it using chloride removal deodorizer SEAL OFF.